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The foundation of renting out your real estate faster, is having exceptional photos to showcase your property in the best possible way. Either take the photos yourself or get in touch with our professional team to have to photos taken. is a brand new company with a cutting edge site, overflowing with both commercial and residential real estate all over Malta, which is enriched with historical architecture and breathtaking beaches. We are fresh, keen with a modern, polished view on the rental market today. We strive in only displaying available real estate on our site.

Give us a call, and set up a meeting with one of our skilled agents who will bring you up to speed on all essential terms. Example the valuing and pricing of your real estate, suggestions to offer cheap remedies to increase the market price, inspections and legal aspects.

We then advertise your rental real estate in Malta by uploading it onto our website which has the newest technology to assure the rental of your real estate. This will bring about prospective tenants, and one of our team will contact you to set up viewings. Having more than one set of keys will make things easier for you!

Second viewings usually mean patron is very interested. At this time an offer is submitted to you. It is important to know your client before signing the contract. Once you give the go ahead, you will be given one month’s deposit to remove real estate from the market.

Signing the contract is the next step! This is usually done at the property itself. Contracts are pretty straightforward. An inventory must be given to the client along with the contract.

Moving in. The keys are now given to the tenant. He will be required to pay one month’s rent, utilities (Approx. 100 Euro) and agency fees which are 50% of one month’s rent plus 18% VAT. Readings of water and electricity meters should be taken and a copy of an updated bill should be shown to the clients. In case of a very long stay, some landlords prefer to change the billing name.

Do not hesitate to contact the Rbmalta letting team right away so that your real estate will get rented without delay!

All you need to know about renting a property in Malta.


The Renting Procedure. – For the Renter.

Finding your new home to rent, should be fun and exciting. We are committed to making this transition easy and hassle free. Contact one of our esteemed agents to guide you through the renting process in Malta, give you a distinct and precise service which will definitely benefit you, and give you all the info. needed in helping you rent your perfect new home in Malta!


A: Narrow down a list of favourites. The coastal towns of Sliema, St. Julian’s and surrounding areas are the most popular. This is due to the prestigious Sliema Promenade and the bustling surroundings of Sliema which are full of retail shops, cafes and restaurants. The trendy Ballutta and picturesque Spinola Bays are what make St. Julians so popular today. Make sure to include specific needs, wants and favoured towns or villages. Taking into consideration your monthly budget and duration of stay is equally important. To make things easier do not hesitate to contact our real estate agent who will point you in the right direction when looking to rent a property in Malta.

B: Find the expert. Once you have made up your mind on a few selective rental properties, contact us and one of our team will set up an appointment at your convenience.

Some important points one has to take into consideration when renting a property in Malta:

Envisage your Malta rental property and surroundings at all times of the day. One should also emphasize on specific and personal interests such as University, Hospital, retail outlets, restaurants, beaches and other things you like to do in your free time.

Specific terms of the Maltese landlord. (this includes authorization of pets, how and when to pay bill and rent due.

Also if you pay your deposit and the rental deal falls through, for valid reasons you will be refunded. However if you decide to leave your rental home prematurally you will most likely forfeit your deposit. (Remember that you rented your Malta home at that price, due the duration of stay and terms and conditions of the contract.)

C: Making an offer is the next step. First things first, contact your agent who will acknowledge your rental offer and submit to landlord on your behalf. As a rule landlords reply pretty quick. At this stage, one months rent, as a deposit is required to remove property off the Maltese rental market.

D: Signing the contract is usually done at the property itself. Don’t feel anxious, your agent will give you re-assurance and any assistance you may need. Contract is direct. Your signature is compulsory on each page of the rental contract. You will be given an original copy and inventory. You are now ready to move into your new Maltese home!

E: Buy the tickets. On the set date agreed when signing the contract you can move in! At this time you are required to pay:

  • One month’s rent,
  •  Utilities (approx 100 euro)
  • Agency fees which are 50% of one month’s rent plus 18% VAT.

You will be given the keys of the rented property. Keep an eye out for any spoilage of the property that may have gone unnoticed. As per your contract you have five days to let the landlord know. Our agents are trained and will give you a helping hand with info. needed on our beautiful Island of Malta.

We at hope you enjoy exploring our database which is full of available properties for rent in Malta.

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