5 Crucial Factors To Consider When Locating Your New Malta Home

There are a few essential points to ponder on when looking for your ideal home in Malta. Where do you start? We’ll help you clear this out.

By Denise Rejec

First, determine your budget and the size of the property you require, and then go on to consider some equally important factors, which we’ll outline below.


Do some walking around the areas that you’re considering living in to get a feel of the place and come up with your own impressions. You’ll be better able to decide on which your favourite town is without having to rely entirely on the estate agent to give you their opinion. The agent can give you some valuable insight. However, you’re the one that needs to feel satisfied with the location you choose.

Click here for a brief description of the major and most popular rental areas in Malta.

DISTANCE: Get to where you need to be within minutes

If your ideal commuting time to the office is a 5 minutes’ walk, you’re one of many. It is imperative for most people to save time, nerves and money on travelling, and even though you might not settle for a home that’s a stone throw away from your office due to other factors that are important to you, such as peace, you could be better off finding one that is close enough.

If you work from home, this of course will not present any issues. Although you might want to ensure that your home office that is peaceful enough!


If you’re returning home after a stressful and hectic day at work and running errands, you’ll want a calm oasis to return to. If you’re working from your home office, you’ll be spending more time at home. Either way, living in a pleasant environment is key. Pay attention to the type of neighbours you may have – do they seem civilised, friendly? Is your bedroom or home office away from a busy road?

If you work night shifts and your bedtime is after 6am, steer clear of homes that are adjacent to constructions sites as you don’t want to get your hours of shut-eye to the sound of the jackhammer (construction work typically gets going at 7am).

You don’t want to be living right above the bar that’s rammed to the rafters every night – unless you’re a night owI that is; and if you’re set on being in an area that’s bustling, ensure that your apertures are double-glazed. On the other hand, if you thrive on noise and calamity, you needn’t worry.


Being close to a good bus route is essential for non-drivers, while having a garage or allocated parking spot will come in handy for drivers due to the lack of parking space in Malta. You could also consider being as close as you need to be to a supermarket, convenience store, shopping centre, school, or the university.


Once you’ve got the essentials ticked, it’s definitely worth looking at a property that fits your lifestyle. Are you a beach bum, gym buff, or socialite that likes to hang out at the fanciest bars and restaurants? Malta offers a wide variety of properties to suit your lifestyle needs.

You won’t go wrong if you keep all the above in mind when looking for you new property. RB Malta will guide you on your way to locating your new home on the Maltese islands. Feel free to contact us on ……


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