Meet Jay Jay: Your Real Estate Guru

With a real estate family history, Jay Jay is the go-to person for help when you’re looking to buy a home or rent an apartment in Malta. Get to know more about Jay Jay in this little interview by Denise Rejec.


What brought you to the real estate sector?

Jay Jay: My father’s been in the real estate business ever since I can remember, and he’d always go on about the beautiful properties that Malta has to offer, from cosy houses of character in quaint villages, to poolside villas surrounded by Mediterranean gardens, to chic and modern apartments. I would gape in awe at the photos he showed me that featured such properties. That was a first step in getting me inspired to also get my foot into the real estate sector. My moment of truth came soon after my first son was born, about seven years ago. I decided that getting into the real estate business would be the perfect option to allow me to maintain a most healthy family-work balance.

How long have you been running RB Malta?

RB Malta was born about two years ago. I’d previously managed another real estate agency for about five years until I realised that I could offer the Maltese market a more outstanding and user-friendly site. So, I took the plunge and got working on setting up my own agency. I haven’t looked back ever since.

What’s the main idea behind RB Malta? How can your business help to make life easier for people who are looking to rent or buy property?

My aim is to excel at offering the most advanced website together with a small team consisting of top-notch agents who are out to accommodate our clients’ needs and wishes. The RB Malta website comes with an integrated search function comprising a map that makes it super easy for people to search for properties in particular locations. I also make it a point to only feature houses and apartments that are actually available as we speak, meaning that the website is kept constantly up to date.  

How many people are in your team?

My team currently consists of three experienced agents, but it will grow to seven in the near future.

Which clients/countries do you target mainly?

We don’t particularly target any type of client as Malta is very attractive to all English-speaking people, with its great climate and comfortable lifestyle. Malta is now host to multitudes of nationalities as it keeps drawing in people for work, mainly in the iGaming sector. The island is well known for welcoming foreigners with open arms. It also offers a wide choice of flats and apartments to buy or rent, making Malta one of the easiest countries to relocate to.

Any future offerings in the pipeline?

My plan is to revolutionise the way property in Malta is rented out and sold by offering the most advanced internet experience. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before you can find out!

Do you want to pass on a message to your existing and potential clients?

While welcoming you to Malta, I’d like to offer a good piece of advice: When looking to buy or rent a property on the island, try to find someone who you can trust, someone with whom you can build a pleasant and friendly working relationship. No matter how experienced your agent is, there needs to be that touch of familiarity so that the agent can get to know your requirements like the back of their hand. RB Malta strives to provide that kind of service. Finally, thanks for trusting us with your real estate requests.

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