Ultimate Guide: How To Find Your Perfect Rental Home

By Denise Rejec

Home hunting isn’t reserved solely for the homebuyer. With the large number of people looking to rent property in Malta, the rental market is rather busy, with lots of property types available to the renter. It is advisable to get cracking with your search from the moment you begin to think of relocating, especially if you want to secure your most desired temporary home.

If you’re beginning the hunt from overseas, talk to people who’ve already made the move and search the internet for tips on relocating to Malta. If you’re already in Malta, get cracking on your legwork by walking around the towns and villages that interest you to get an idea of where you might want to live. Then start the hunt for your dream rental home with these easy tips.


We all tend to get carried away by the look of that fancy walk-in shower or white leather sofa, but what’s most important at this stage is to establish your budget and prioritise your needs. Consider the practicalities like the size of the property you require, location, and so on.


Begin searching as soon as you’re aware that you need to move to improve your chances of finding your perfect (or near-perfect) rental home. Places rent within minutes in Malta, so you’ll also need to search often.


Renting is a rather speedy process, so it pays to be prepared when your dream abode comes along. It’s wise to leave a deposit to secure your place once you’ve set your heart on something. You must also be prepared to be disappointed should a property you choose be gone by the time you decide on it – demand for rentals in Malta is really high, so if you like it take it. But remember: If you’re using an estate agent, don’t let them pressure you into going for a place you don’t want to live in. Keep looking till you find what’s right for you – you have endless rental options.


If you can’t spare the time or energy to locate your home, consider hiring an agent to help you. This route may involve fees, but it could ease the process and cause less stress. Your agent will be able to point out the properties that are most suited to your needs and guide you through the rental process.


Be specific about what you’re looking for, and ask your agent to send you a list of potential rentals with details and photos based on your requirements.


You could talk to the current tenants and/or potential neighbours to find out about how accessible or approachable your potential landlord is. Once you get chatting, extract more helpful information from them: What’s the neighbourhood like? Does the couple next door like to throw loud parties? If you’re renting an apartment: Are the common areas quiet and well-kept? Here’s when you can let the detective in you surface.


Visualise your home and list what matters most to you, then use this list during your search – either online or when consulting your agent. You’ll probably have more specific requirements like parking space, number of rooms needed, duration of stay, furnished or unfurnished, and so on. The RB Malta website will help you narrow down your search. When checking our list of available properties, click on the ‘Filters’ tab in the upper left corner of the map and select your requirements from the comprehensive list of categories that are available for your use.


Once you think you’ve found your ideal home, take a deep breath and a step back… Are there any alarm bells going off inside your head? If you have any concerns, get an outsider’s perspective as this will often provide clarity.

Enjoy your search, and we wish you all the success in finding your perfect rental home!

The Jay Jay Properties team.


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